Debunking: Slider Cases Do Not Harm iPhone

since the introduction of the iPhone 4, it seems the outspoken few in the blogging world have come out against slider cases, providing anecdotal proof in the way of photos of broken iPhones, claiming their InCase slider style cases had caused the damage.

this is clearly and patently false.

yes, the iPhone is constructed of a sandwich between two slices of aluminosilicate glass backed by polymer frames. however, the inherent design of a slider style case, specifically those who slide onto the body of the iPhone from the top and bottom, creating a removable lower portion to facilitate use in Apple issued docks, does not make it anymore able to break the aft glass on the iPhone 4/4S. all slider cases are designed with molded or machined internal rails that ride along the external midframe of the iPhone 4 to provide for both alignment and fitment. most, if not all, are designed to contact the back of the device purely to create the smallest external profile but do not use this surface as any type of support for the case’s fitment.

therefore, any harm cause to the case is due to improper fitment by the user or allowing for foreign objects to get between the case and phone. simply put, a whole industry of cases has paid the price of customer stupidity. unfortunately, these “victims” happen to have been well-known and respected bloggers from the onset, giving the complaint a bit of gravitas despite being unworthy of it. instead of questioning the integrity of these people, a bandwagon was jumped on that mercilessly punished case makers who released or were designing a slider form case.

as long as you pay enough attention during case application to ensure no foreign objects get in between the case and iPhone, you will be just fine. and even if you are just a careless, dirty person who ends up dropping your phone or ignores any increased resistance during the installation process, replacement of the aft glass is only $29 at your local Apple Store.

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