Pirate Whitney’s Music. Screw Sony.

In the wake of Whitney Houston’s death, Sony Music has raised the prices of her albums in a move to capitalize on the sudden popularity of her music. Along with Michael Jackson’s death a few years ago, these were two artists helped to shape a decade with their talent, and like the cockroaches who attempted to capitalize on Jackson’s death a few years ago with “commemorative” goods, Sony has raised album prices to cash in on her untimely passing.

The death of anyone is a tragic loss. In the case of Whitney Houston, whose life has touched so many, it stands to say her loss is tragic to many. Like the death of a family member whose life can be remembered in photos and memories, Whitney’s life can be remembered by her fans in her music. For Sony to jack up prices in such an opportunistic grab is dirty by anyone, but is absolutely shameful by a multi-million dollar record label.

In commemoration of Sony’s dick move, I encourage everyone who is seeking the solace of her music to pirate it until Sony brings their prices back down.

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