Update To My DRO Concepts Fiasco

as of today, I still haven’t received a response or refund from DRO Concepts. they have long since stopped responding to my emails or phone calls, now hanging up immediately after giving them my name and email address. the tracking number still shows the delivery has not been accepted and hasn’t been returned to me, either. like others who have commented on my original post, I must advise you to stay away from them. their products are of substandard quality at any price and their service is even worse.

if you want a carbon fiber case for your iPhone, I highly recommend ElementCASE, especially through TekCases, an authorized reseller with awesome customer service, or moncarbone, whom I have never personally dealt with.

– mobile post via iPhone 4S

4 thoughts on “Update To My DRO Concepts Fiasco

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  1. Stay clear of them, the are criminally fraudulent with their dealings, take your money and say they shipped item, yet it never arrived, even after I complained and they claimed they sent another one.

    1. on a more positive note, if you’re still looking for genuine carbon fiber for your iPhone, check out MonCarbone.com

    1. Sorry for the very late reply. i hadnt realized i had a comment in waiting.

      DRO Concepts 877-868-6515

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