Review: Vapor Dock from ElementCASE

ImageElementCASE is well known for their expensive, yet well crafted accessories for the iPhone and iPad. Their Vapor 4 case established the market of deliciously high-end cases milled from ingots of forged, aircraft grade 6061 aluminum here in the USA and accentuated with colorful anodizing and back plates of carbon fiber. now superseded by the superior Vapor Pro and Vapor Comp, these cases are still assembled with 4 tiny, stainless, hex head cap screws, and even with their Speed Wrench, aren’t what you’d describe as easy to remove. because of this, your ability to dock the iPhone in a stand while enrobed in beautifully machined and anodized aluminum was severely limited. after 3 years now, ElementCASE has finally provided a solution to your problem.


ImageEnter the Vapor Dock. it’s been designed to accommodate your iPhone while wearing any of their aluminum or composite offerings while accentuating the style and design already featured in their premium case line. the dock is constructed of forged, 6061 aluminum and milled into shape like their Vapor Pro case. the docking pocket features sound channels with precision drilled ports facing the front, minimizing the obstruction of sound going into and out of the speaker and mic combination at the bottom of your iPhone. at the aft of the pocket is a milled slot to receive one of two included sizes of polymer spacers to hold your docked device at the right angle. the top has a small tray, lined with their Ultrasuede material, for your spare screws and Speed Wrench. the underside has a channel for your excess cable to be hidden and the ability to remove or replace the dock cable completely with their ingeniously designed bracket, is held in place with a pair of screws. since aluminum is light, the dock has also been weighted to keep it firmly planted on its rubber feet when removing your device. and finally, it is beautifully finished in your choice of anodized black or silver, with a matte texture using their Flux finishing technique first used with their new Vapor Pro in Royal Purple.


ImageThe fit and finish of the Vapor Dock is of course impeccable. the Flux finish used gives a soft texture to the finish much like their bead blasted finishes, but much softer; it has a feel that more closely resembles the rubberized soft-touch finish used on many phones. sound to and from a docked device travels unimpeded, as tested during a couple of speakerphone calls made while my iPhone was docked in it’s Vapor Pro case. the pocket with spacer easily accommodates all models of iPhone, with or without a Vapor case. of course, your mileage will vary when using cases from other brands, but it is guaranteed to work with a bare iPhone, iPhones encased in any ElementCASE solution, or iPhone 4/4S fitted in an Apple Bumper. one handed removal works after a handful of insertions to break in the included dock cable’s connector.


ImageOverall, this is a beautiful dock that successfully fills the need for a docking stand that accepts a Vapor ensconced iPhone. the fit and finish is second to none and works well with Apple’s current design aesthetic; the Vapor Dock will look at home next to your iMac. even the unboxing experience captured the way Apple showcases their products as unwrapping your Vapor Dock will be an experience unto itself. like their cases, the Vapor Dock is not cheap as you’ll pay dearly for the exquisite detail, high quality materials and hand-finished design made right here in the USA. it retails for $119, which can be shocking compared to other docks on the market, but if you can afford it, it’s definitely worth it.


ImageYou can save 10% with coupon code “10SAVE” and always free shipping right now from TekCases. they were awesome to ship my Vapor Dock immediately upon its release, for a great price, as well as provide excellent service for my other Vapor Pro cases. i highly recommend them for all of your ElementCASE needs.


More photos:

ImageTwo polymer spacers and hex key.

ImageInstruction card, mini catalogue, and a decal.

ImageUnderside tray for excess cable stowage and dock connector shim.

ImageFront showing speaker grilles and laser-etched logo.

ImageOpposite side top view showing dock connector shim, sound channels and Ultrasuede lined tray.

ImageUnderside view showing rubber feet, cable notch and laser-etched logo.

ImageDock connector with shim in place.

ImageiPhone 4 in an ElementCASE Formula 4 case and docked.

You can save 10% with coupon code “10SAVE” and always free shipping right now from TekCases.

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