Today’s Financial Advisors Are Idiots When It Comes To AAPL

there’s a very basic bit of data about Apple, Inc. (AAPL) that today’s most vocal financial analysts overlook too often: Apple is a luxury brand. they have always been at the high end of the pricing scale within all of their respective markets. even the original Macintosh was priced high, placing a premium on its design and function upon it’s release. Microsoft was able to conquer the majority of PC sales by aiming for the masses by providing a similar experience for a lot less initial cost to the consumer. the iPod? it too began life as a $499 bauble compared to a market that rested in the $200 range. the iPhone began at $699 before carriers were able to convince Apple to submit to carrier subsidies. even the iPad, and subsequent mini, are priced higher than the majority of the netbook market they were designed to replace.

sadly, these idiots seem to think Apple cares to race to the bottom, repeatedly “advising” that Apple needs to address the low end of the market with a cheaper iPhone model or proclaiming the iPad mini is too expensive. Apple knows they’re providing a premium experience that their customers expect and future customers aspire to. they create that experience by using premium design and materials not only in their devices but also with their packaging and support. altogether this creates a premium experience for those who can afford their products and ensures they return. too few of today’s analysts take stock in this and judge their value with little more than a coin flip.

even today as Apple finished stating their accomplishments over the previous quarter, investors drained the value of their stock. most are impatient that Apple has yet to produce another “game changing” product since the iPad. do they not realize that Apple has introduced 4 game changers in their history? do they not realize that only a handful of companies have managed to do that in the past 50 years while Apple has managed to do it 4 times in only the past 25, with 3 of them occurring in the past decade alone? no company, even Apple, can create a market miracle in the time span expected by most of these armchair financial analysts. most companies have never created a game changing product ever.

Apple is in it for the long run. they will continue to create and support great products that will occupy the high end of their respective markets. and they will continue to provide a premium experience that coincides with the premium cost. just stop expecting Apple to race to the bottom of those markets. it’s what almost destroyed them in the first place.

– Posted via iPhone

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