DRO Concepts is now ShiftCases

Some may be familiar with my previous experience with DRO Concepts. Their cases were absolute crap that damaged my device and despite accepting my returned case, still haven’t refunded my money and refuse to take my calls or emails. if you’ve ever been victimized by them, i truly feel for you and all can empathize.

So, a heads up: DRO Concepts have now renamed themselves as “ShiftCases” and their website is at ShiftCases.com.

Please spread the word and any links to your previous experience with them. Anyone is welcome to share my blogged experience and photos associated with it. The bottom line is to inform consumers and prevent them from victimizing others with their predatory and illegal business practices.

One thought on “DRO Concepts is now ShiftCases

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  1. Dang! I wish I’d read this 6 weeks ago. My son wanted a carbon fiber case so we ordered one from them. They gladly took my money via PayPal, and we’ve received nothing in return; no product and ZERO correspondence. I’ve emailed them 6 times and have gotten no response, so now I’ve had to file a claim with PayPal to get my money back.

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