Who cares about ITC ban on iPhone 4?

Certainly, Apple could care less about the ITC ban on the iPhone 4, iPad 2 based on their recent ruling in favor of Samsung.

Giga Om recently published that Verizon’s president is calling on his White House connections to override the Aug 5th start date of the punishment phase.

So, why do i say this? Because Apple is about to announce their next evolution of the iPhone this fall. and like in previous years, the cheapest, still offered iPhone iteration falls off and is replaced by it’s next higher model. in this case, the iPhone 4 will be replaced by the 4S, while the current iPhone 5 plays the middle model to the next generation iPhone device. so really, the iPhone 4 will only exist for 2 more months at most anyways. however, there are other factors also in play: Apple shows their appreciation for developers not just in cash, but also in making a platform that is easy to develop for. unlike Android, Apple limits the hardware for the sake of consistency and right now, the iPhone 4/4S are odd ducks not only for their screen size, but for their lack of Lightning connector and in the 4’s case, lack of hardware hooks to make Siri function efficiently.

Thus Apple really couldnt care less about the iPhone 4 hitting EOL 2 months prior to its replacement.

And the same story goes for iPad 2. hardware-wise, the iPad mini is just a miniaturized iPad 2. after a half-year of production and 2+ years of age on the internals, the iPad mini will cause the demise of the iPad 2 this fall due to its nearly equal profit margin despite a lower price point. it’s why no one should expect a Retina-type display this go around as Apple tries to reestablish their entry-level iPad after the iPad 2 falls off.

So relax, drama queens. the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 are already dead at retail anyways.

For the rumormongers, add to all of this the evidence for a plastic iPhone. consider this Apple’s attempt not to penetrate cheaper markets, but to recapture buyer excitement by creating a lower-priced, higher margin device to replace the iPhone 4S, updated with iPhone 5 internal tech… specifically the new 4″ screen and Lightning connector. to make things easier for developers, the last 2 years of asking devs to support 2 iPhone screen sizes had the side effect of making app sizes larger to support them. Apple would like to fix this issue ASAP, proven by their quick turnaround with iPad 4. display tech has been around long enough to lower prices and power requirements across the board for iPhone’s 4″ version, hence the move. iPad mini, however, will need to wait one more year before its evolution to a Retina display.

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