Don’t Trust Staples. My Recent Ship-to-Store Fiasco, Lying Customer Service Ruins Father’s Day

It began with my online purchase of the Motorola S-11 Flex HD bluetooth headset as a gift for my dad for Father’s Day. I ordered it online on 7 June 2014 and chose “ship to store” for 3 reasons: 

1. Their advertised 5-7 business day delivery to ensure it arrived in time.

2. Didn’t want to risk missing the delivery and miss Father’s Day.

3. The Renton Staples store is on the way to my parent’s home.

Unfortunately for me, it didn’t arrive in time. Not even close. According to the website, my order status was listed as “Order Processing” and never changed. Because the DHL/USPS tracking number I was given showed it being delivered to the store on 13 June, I stopped by to attempt pick up on Father’s Day, on the way to my parent’s house. My purchase was nowhere to be found and a call by the Renton staff only verified the incorrect status listed on the website. I brought up the fact that the tracking number showed the item as delivered, yet I was told that delivery wasn’t expected until 18 June and I should return then. I left empty handed.

On the evening of 18 June, I still had not received an email notifying me that my item was ready for pickup in Renton, so I decided to email customer service via the website and received a prompt response the next day. However, it turned out the response I got was a bald-faced lie. Specifically, the CS agent said in the email: “I researched your order and found that the delivery was scheduled on 06/19/2014.”

Today was my first chance to return to the Renton store and it was then I realized the email I received from was complete BS, an outright lie.
1. You did not “research my order.” If you had, you would have seen it marked as “order processing/in transit,” and had been since 06/07/2014.
2. My order is still listed as “order processing” on your website, today, 06/22/2014. Your mobile website lists it as “in transit.”
3. The USPS/DHL tracking number, 9374869903500051080151, shows it was delivered on 06/13/2014. 
4. The item was found in your Renton store’s mailbox today, 06/22/2014, despite the status listed on your website. 
5. Therefore, my order was sitting in the mailbox since it was originally delivered on 06/13/2014 and I was never notified of delivery nor was the order status changed in my order history on your website.
These events reveal that the email reply claiming to have researched my order and that delivery was scheduled for 06/19/2014 was clearly a lie since it had unknowingly been delivered a week prior. 
The staff at your Renton store did their best to try and correct everything, but unwittingly passed on the delivery date lies coming from the customer service department by phone. Today the Renton staff issued a return/refund at my request as I refuse to do business with a company so at ease with lying to customers. Mistakes are forgivable but after being lied to twice I can no longer do business with your company. I encourage my friends, fellow veterans and anyone reading this to avoid Staples, or risk being charged for purchases without receiving your item.

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