The winner of Women’s March 2018 is…


The vast majority of signs held by marchers in Seattle were corporate slogans. From Star Wars to Wonder Woman, everyone had a corporate friendly attitude and consumerist approach to getting their feelings across. You can’t be “woke” when you’re a corporate zombie, whose position is dictated by consumerism.

The most popular signs, beyond the recycled slogans from last year, were lines pulled from Disney’s “Star Wars” and Warner Bros. “Wonder Woman.” Hulu’s “The Handmaid’s Tale” and Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black” we’re also well represented. Chee-tos and Twitter were also heavily represented.

As a country, we should be ashamed. Our perverted version of capitalism has thoroughly undermined our democracy. “This revolution is brought to you by Hulu, sponsored by Frito-Lay.”

Here are just a few examples:

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