50 Shades of Meh

The weather today was gray. At least there was enough texture and movement to create an interesting photo, so I went to Myrtle Edwards Park to get some water shots. My route took me through the Olympic Sculpture Park, so I took a few photos there, too. Ultimately, this was an exercise in composition. It's... Continue Reading →

So, About My Watermark…

Are you confused as to why the foreground is so dark when you shoot straight into the sun? Are you unable to make the backgrounds in your photos all "blurry" on demand? Did you buy a Canon DSLR because it's a "professional camera?" Maybe you have no idea what the exposure triangle is or how... Continue Reading →

Moonrise at Sunrise

Caught this view while setting up to shoot at Volunteer Park. A beautiful crescent moon rising as the sun's light peeks above the horizon.

Seattle, Played Out

I've decided, based on some of my recent photos, to continue shooting from the most played out locations around Seattle. My original goal when I bought this camera was to find locations that local "photographers" haven't already oversaturated on social media, or to photograph those views in ways others haven't yet done, or can't, with... Continue Reading →

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