Another Played Out Location. Here’s My Contribution.

The view of Seattle from Rizal Bridge is probably the most shared photo of the city and rivals only the view from Kerry Park on Queen Anne Hill. I figured I’d give it my take since the weather cleared out a bit and I wasn’t willing to take a chance to go any further in case it changed. Next time, I’d like to try accessing the PacMed building for a view from a higher elevation. Also under consideration is a shot from Harborview Medical Center, but that will require the widest lens possible as it’s so close to the downtown core.

Anyways, here’s a couple of photos taken during blue hour and golden hour. Fortunately for me, the clouds obstructed the sunrise enough to keep the light low for these shots. I’d also be interested to try a 30+ second shot with a 10-stop filter.

On the way home I stopped by the Nisei Veterans Memorial and took a couple of photos there, too.

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