Rizal Park, revisited.

Invited a friend to shoot from Rizal Park and bridge as he’d never shot from there before but wanted to, as he’d seen so many of the photos shot from there. Took the opportunity yesterday to do so since the skies were clear and preparing for a colorful sunset in the cold. We shot mostly from the park and a couple from the bridge before we succumbed to the below freezing temperatures outside.

I’d forgotten my 16-55mm as I planned to shoot only with my 10-24mm from atop the bridge. Moving down to the dog park made my lens too wide and I’d wished I’d brought both. The result required my to do some extensive cropping and a few stray tree branches forced me to open up Photoshop to clean them up. They aren’t printable because of that but they’re usable for social media and the like. The couple from atop the bridge have no issues, though, but are obviously more aligned to my “Seattle, Played Out” collection I’m working on.

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