About My Reviews…

This blog exists purely to publicly chronicle my attempt to reengage with photography. I’ll post photos to show where I’ve gone and hopefully demonstrate positive progression in my ability. Along the way, I’ll also write “hot takes” on things going on in the world of tech, be it news or new products, where I may have a strong opinion from afar. Sometimes I’ll post on topics where my background allows me a weighted opinion, something more than the ignorant, knee-jerk response Facebook and Twitter have us all grown accustomed to seeing.

However, when I review a product, I want to make it plain that I do not receive products to review nor am I paid to do these reviews. When I review a product, it’s something I’ve bought with my own money after days or weeks of research to ensure it will meet my needs. Because of that, my reviews will usually end positively, and that’s the only reason why. I don’t review things I have never owned, been gifted or am paid to write about. I don’t seek out manufacturers or sellers and attempt to persuade them into gifting me a product in exchange for a review and “exposure.” I am not a “mommyblogger” or an unemployed housewife with a camera. I will never shake down a product manufacturer nor refer to myself as a “social influencer.” I review products because I like doing it, I enjoy trying new products and prefer to use brands that are less popular. It’s these choices that I hope give my reviews a little more value due to scarcity. These are my opinions and my opinions only.

From time to time, I may post links to where I bought the item reviewed or mentioned. Some of these links may be “affiliate links,” where I may receive a small, monetary kickback. It’s my hope this could someday end up paying for itself, but again, it in no way affects my views of a product. Whether it sucks a little or sucks completely, I’ll say it. I’m not here to please anyone, especially when the item I bought sucks.

Photography is a passion and hobby of mine, of which I have a few. I’ve been taking photos for decades but only now am I taking it seriously, so I’ve made the decision to document my progress as part of my education. With that comes experience and opinion, so I choose to share them here.

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