Protecting Your Gear: Lenses

Recently I started to freak out about the care of my lenses. I was keeping them in their respective bags: Primes in my ONA messenger, large zooms in my Lowepro backpack and walkarounds in my Chrome sling. A few days after throwing new desiccant packs into all of them, I noticed they had all changed color, showing they were nearly saturated. The air here has been thick lately and I tend to keep my windows open a lot (I live above ground level in downtown), so I’m sure the ambient humidity level is at fault. While some of my lenses are weather sealed, most are not, and I began to fear for the worst: Lens mold. None are moldy or otherwise show any defect, but I don’t want any future problems, especially if I end up swapping or selling a few of my lenses. Instead of relying on these gel packs, which are hard to recharge in the microwave due to being sealed in plastic baggies,  decided to buy a sealed case from the only manufacturer of them that I fully trust: Pelican.

I got a great deal on a Pelican Air 1555 with padded dividers. Because of the amount of stuff I have, I decided on the 1555 instead of the 1535 or 1510. While the wheels and handle would’ve been convenient, the extra size was trumps for me, to ensure all of my gear fit into a single case, with room to spare. A couple tins of desiccant later, I now have peace of mind in knowing my lenses are dry and secure, protected from potential damage inside and out. And now that I’m scheduled to take a week long vacation in Cle Elum, WA, it’ll be a great opportunity to truly experience the convenience this case should provide for travel as I work directly out of it.


I’ve also managed to cover it in logo decals from other brands I trust. Just something to help make mine quickly identifiable. After an Instagram blast with more than a touch of sarcasm, I’m now waiting on decals from a few other brands not represented, but in my arsenal, to add to the case exterior.

Pelican cases come in many sizes, but they all offer the same minimum level of waterproofing, weather sealing, impact and crush resistance, ensuring you’ll be able to find one that meets your needs. Whether you have all the cameras and lenses you need or you plan to keep growing your collection, Pelican storm boxes are the ideal way to help store and protect your gear. Did you know they also come with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects? Just register for an RMA on their website then ship your defective product back and in a week or two later a brand new replacement case will be on your doorstep.

No, I’m not sponsored by Pelican despite how I may come off in this post. I’m just a satisfied owner of their products for over 25 years now.

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