Discovery Park Lighthouse at Sunset

I like to shoot not people. Landscapes and buildings don’t give you no lip, cost little to no money and have no self-esteem issues. Timing is important, but I never have to wait on it to arrive or get ready. While I like to shoot waterfalls as I refine my ability to shoot things in motion without completely freezing the frame, I also like to take advantage of the more unique features around the area, be it natural or man-made.

Discovery Park is the result of the former Fort Lawton grounds being returned to the city of Seattle. On the grounds remain a few reminders of its past and one of the sites is a lighthouse on the park’s northwest corner, a point at the mouth of the Lake Washington Ship Canal just south of Shilshole Bay and Golden Gardens Park. Meg and I wanted to take her new car out for a little drive to get some dinner, gelato and a walk. After stopping in Magnolia, we went to Discovery Park for the walk, hiking the loop and stopping at the beach and lighthouse so I could take a few photos during the sunset.

As the sun set, I went to the north side so I could photograph the lighthouse with as much of the light as possible over my shoulder. Just as it hit the horizon, I moved to the south side in hopes of getting some shots with the golden sky in the background, letting the lighthouse block most of the light. The colder Puget Sound air began to form light, wispy clouds in the sky that filtered the evening light that looked great, but a large amount of beachgoers limited my compositions.

All photos shot with Fujifilm X-T2, 10-24mm ƒ/4 lens, Formatt-Hitech Firecrest 100mm drop-in filter kit with CPol, 6-stop ND and 3-Stop Grad ND atop a Benro Slim Carbon tripod.


Copyright © 2018 oakie. All Rights Reserved. Photos may not be used without expressed written permission.

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