Seattle Living Up to Stereotype (Glazer’s Queen Anne Photowalk)

Just gonna throw these up real quick after post-processing and before crashing.

Cold, wet… a lot more rain fell than originally expected when I left the house. It was an absolute mess but Fujifilm proved to me how well they sealed the X-T3. Combined with the 16-55mm ƒ/2.8, the combo remained water-tight in steady wind and rain with no attempt at protection. Because of the weather, I was obviously a bit low on inspiration, but figured I’d post what I got for the sake of others who took part.

Anyways, on to the pics so I can go to bed. Photos listed in chronological order (if that matters to you) and the settings varied as I shot in aperture priority with auto ISO and I don’t care to copy and paste the EXIF data of each photo, so check the data for yourself if you just gotta know. All of them were treated with the Velvia film simulation.

Enjoy. I know I didn’t.










I think this is the only one I really liked.

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