The Second Day at Second Beach

Day 2 at Second Beach. Had some steak and beer for dinner and hit the sack. Decided not to wake up for sunrise the next morning since it was definitely going to be raining according to the forecast. I woke up anyways and it was right, so I went back to bed. By 10 am, the rain had stopped and we hiked back down to the beach, this time with my tripod and a stabilized lens.

Unfortunately, this time we hit high tide and quickly discovered the beach was a lot less interesting when the tide is in. We managed to make do, despite shooting over 200 shots, again, trying to chase waves that weren’t hitting the shore as intensely as they had the day before. At least having my tripod allowed me to get some long exposures as the clouds were moving on shore fast and thick.

This was my first chance to use my new Leofoto LN-324C tripod and I must say, this thing is solid. It’s everything I was expecting from a tripod of this style. While my Benro is sturdy, lightweight and reliable, this thing is as stable as a brick shithouse on a slab foundation. It is slightly heavier, but not that I’d notice, and it will serve me well for a long time. This is one hell of a value for a systematic tripod. Plus, the matching ball head worked like a charm, even with my largest lenses and 4″ filter holder attached. Set at 90 degrees and with the winds blowing, the tripod didn’t even budge after being leveled despite being set in soft sand.

On the way back to Seattle, we stopped at Lake Crescent for a few photos. The rising fog and fast clouds made for some dramatic long exposures but they weren’t headed in a direction that made the most sense for a landscape photograph. However, the sun breaks lit up the hills in a way that resulted in really dramatic contrast that suited a black and white process, in my opinion.


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