New ND Filters: Switching from B+W to Wine Country Camera

Despite owning, and being quite satisfied with, my Formatt-Hitech Firecrest 100mm filter holder kit, I also like to keep a 77mm ND filter set for lightweight carry. The B+W set I previously used worked fine but had a noticeable magenta color cast that was especially evident in the 10-stop ND filter. I recently decided to give Wine Country Camera’s filters a try based on endless reviews touting their well controlled color cast. Should these work out well, I’ll probably switch my 100mm ND filters out for WCC.

The weather has been pretty crap lately so I haven’t had an opportunity to try these filters out, so a review of my experience with them is forthcoming.

I’ve also added a set of Sensei Pro Aluminum step-up rings. While I’d prefer brass, these rings feature gripping ridges on the outer edge to facilitate removal. My brass rings, while they help prevent galling, the lack of gripping surface and additional weight made the new rings worth giving a shot.

And finally, I’ve put them in a Mindshift Nest Mini. While I’d like more than 4 slots, all of the slots are wider than most other brands, giving me enough room for the 3 filter set and the 3 step-up rings. If only the case had a belt loop or other attachment point so it could be more reliably attached to my Mindshift Filter Hive or other bag.

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