So, Why All the New Filters?

What may look like me just wasting money, there’s an actual reason behind why I’ve recently bought into the Wine Country Camera 100mm filter holder kit and their round filters:

I’m saving up for a Fujifilm GFX-50S.

While I love my X-T2 and X-T3, I’ve concluded after a year and a half that landscape and cityscape photography is where my interest lies. I will maintain at least one X Series camera and lenses for general purpose shooting but for landscapes, I’d like to use a medium format camera. Because of the increase in resolution, I wanted to ensure my filter system would not only fit the larger GF Series lenses, but have the clarity necessary for a 50MP format. Wine Country Camera filters guarantee that.

Fujifilm is planning to announce their GFX-100S in the next week and will go on sale soon. It will either push down the price of the GFX-50S or it will cause more than a few to start showing up on the used market. Either way, it will push prices down enough to be comfortably affordable for me.

So, it is my hope to have a GFX-50S by this autumn and I look forward to learning how to get the best out of medium format digital.

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