Shit for sale… soon.

I have an overabundance of gear I’ve managed to collect over the past few years that I should begin to part with. I’ll list it up later, once I’ve taken account of exactly what I’m willing to let go of. I do promise to ask far less than what it’s worth, and of course the original retail price, to get it moved out of here quickly.

I’d prefer local buyers so I don’t have to ship any of it. More importantly, I offer more than a few options for payment, be it Square, Square Cash, PayPal, Circle Pay, Zelle, or Chase Quick Pay. I’m able to accommodate all of these options because I’m legit.

For gear, I have a couple of camera bags, 2 or 3 Benro tripods, a Slik tripod, Benro monopods, a few ball heads in various sizes, some tripod bags, a Formatt-Hitech Firecrest 100mm Filter Holder System with extra polarizer, adapters and original packaging, a Formatt-Hitech Standard 100mm Filter Holder, and random 100mm ND filters. There’s probably even more in my storage closet I’ve forgotten about.

If you’re interested, leave a comment or email me directly. If there’s no interest, I won’t bother posting a price list and instead resort to that vile cesspool known as Nextdoor – Neighborhood App. Or worse, Craigslist, so I can get scam spam. I draw the line at eBay though… I’ll be damned if I resort to having half of my money stolen in fees, the item stolen by a scammer, and the rest of my money refunded to the scammer with no possibility for recourse as “the scammer is always right,” on eBay because they get their fees either way.

Anyways, hit me up so I’m not forced to deal with eBay. kthx.

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