Amazon Strikes Again…

So, just like what happened with the deal on the Gitzo Mountaineer GT1542 + GH1382QD kit, I got a price alert on a Gitzo Traveler GT1555 + GH1382TQD kit for 40% off the advertised price of $989. So I bought it, because I have no self control.

Really though, I’d been looking out for a Traveler GT0545 or GT1555. While the Mountaineer meets my needs on days I’m going out specifically to shoot, I like to carry my kit whenever I leave the house, just in case. For those times, the Mountaineer is just too heavy and ungainly to carry with my Chrome Niko Camera Messenger and a Series 0 or Series 1 5-section Traveler would fit nicely. I had been using a Benro Tripster Series 0 but it was a little too small and flimsy, reducing my confidence in it, so I started looking out for the Gitzo after having a mostly positive experience with my last.

And so it happened and the Gitzo Traveler Kit arrived today. After a mile of walking around downtown with it on my Chrome Messenger, my back felt fine and not once did I accidentally hit someone with it. It’s sturdy and stable when set up and packs down to nearly half the size of the Mountaineer. For now, I think my 3 tripod kit is complete… at least until I find a deal on a Gitzo Series 3 or 4, 4-section Systematic. Then I’ll replace my Leofoto LN-324C with it.

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