Photos From Long Beach, WA, 2019

Meg and I go to Long Beach annually for a week to decompress away from all of the stimulation and stressors of living in a moderately large city. We have a townhome on the beach that overlooks the boardwalk and the dunes with a view of the beach from the second floor.

Known for shit weather, the Washington coastline can be a bit of a toss up when it comes to photos, but even when the weather isn’t particularly good for beach going, it can still be great for photos. During the summer, weekly events draw in thousands from around the state, so there are opportunities for all types of photographers; from landscapists, astrophotographers, street photography and even instagrammers, it’s all there.

Sadly, because I’m so busy photographing, it leaves me little time left to decompress. Maybe it’s best I extend our vacation out to 2 full weeks from now on.

All images Copyright © 2019 oakie. All Rights Reserved. Images may not be used, copied, downloaded or repurposed in any way without my expressed, written consent.

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