Multi-shot Panoramas.

Single row panoramas have always seemed to thwart me. Either the scene was never appropriate or they wouldn’t stitch for one reason or another. After getting the stuff I needed to establish the nodal point on a couple of my lenses, I decided to give it another go from Kerry Park.

Finally, I came away with a 10 shot panorama of downtown that totals 120+ megapixels. I ended up processing it (and the rest of the set from that morning) in a desaturated color process with high contrast, to partially simulate a bleach bypass processing look, that I’ve begun to call “full color monochrome.” I then converted it to Acros in the final step, rendering it in a way that deemphasizes dimensional depth. Thus, it’s available in both color and black and white final process. More importantly, they’re both fully processed, top to bottom, to make the most of the film simulations applied to each.

To create the image, I shot with the Fujifilm X-T3 and XF 56mm ƒ/1.2R lens, stabilized on a Gitzo Systematic Series 3 Long GT3543LS Tripod, Gitzo GH3382QD Ball Head and Really Right Stuff Half-Ball Leveling Base. Once the nodal point was established for the lens, the combination of Gitzo and Really Right Stuff hardware ensured a stable, level platform with repeatable results.

I’m very happy with how it turned out and look forward to trying again in the near future as I start to refine my process before expanding into multi-level pans, giga panoramas and bokeh panoramas.

Thumbnail images are linked to full resolution JPEG files for your personal use or to pixel peep. I intend to print one as a multi-canvas work for my home, so the samples are watermarked. Digital prints are available for sale, as well as analog prints in multiple formats, without watermark of course.

All images Copyright © 2019 oakie. All Rights Reserved. Images on this page may be downloaded for personal use only. They may not be republished, sold or otherwise modified, duplicated or repurposed, regardless of any monetary exchange, without my expressed, written consent.

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