How To: Give Your Gitzo Series 1 Mountaineer 4 Section Tripod Removable Feet

If you didn’t already know, the Gitzo Mountaineer Series 0 and 1 Tripods come with fixed rubber feet. I can’t speak for the 3 section versions, but generally the Mountaineer Series 2 and up come with 3/8″-16 threaded interchangeable feet, while those below have permanently affixed rubber feet.

However, the Series 1 Traveler Tripods come with interchangeable feet, with a 1/4″-20 thread to accommodate the thinner leg sections. As you may well know, the numerical “Series” designation refers to the leg section maximum diameter; the higher the series, the larger the diameter of the legs. The series and leg diameter is also consistent across models, so a Series 1 Traveler with 4 section legs will have the same diameters as those of a Series 1, 4 section Mountaineer. However, lengths can and do vary.

So I decided to buy a final leg section and foot for the GT1545T Traveler, already knowing it shared the 14.7mm leg diameter with my GT1542 Mountaineer. The part number for the leg section is D106023 and the foot is D108623.

When the test part arrived, I swapped it in and it was nearly perfect. The new part is roughly 15mm shorter, or about half an inch, although it’s much wider, giving you more support at ground level as the wider foot can make ground contact at an obtuse leg angle. The permanently affixed foot, with its narrower diameter, requires you to extend the final leg section a bit to ensure contact and maximize stability as opposed to the tripod resting on the twist locks.

If this nearly unnoticeable loss in maximum height is too much to bear, the difference can easily be made up with an aftermarket foot, like those from 3 Legged Thing with an exposed length of over 15mm long. Only you can judge if this 15mm loss in height is unacceptable for your needs.

Of course, I would prefer 3/8″ threaded feet for durability but my GT1555 Traveler shares the same foot thread, so I do have some commonality across my own devices. 1/4″ threaded feet are less common but at least 3 Legged Thing offers a complete lineup of accessories that support the thread. They offer large rubber feet, short spikes, long spikes and rock/ice claws, all with 1/4″-20 base threads and include bushings to adapt to 3/8″-16 standard. The spikes and claws will immediately make my Traveler, and now my Mountaineer, an option when the terrain dictates what tripod I need.

So, if you have a 4 Section, Series 1 Mountaineer, or are considering one in the future, the lack of interchangeable feet is no longer an issue. Sure, it will cost you, but so will moving up to the Series 2 version. More importantly, if you’re using a modern, lightweight mirrorless kit, you’re not forced to buy, and carry, a tripod that’s heavier than your actual needs may require.

For me, the additional $200 cost of parts to convert is not insignificant, but the weight savings between the Series 1 and 2 is. It’s also advantageous for me since the Series 2 Mountaineer is about $200 more than the Series 1 anyways.

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