Sorry I haven’t been posting regularly

I’m well aware few, if anyone, reads my blog on the regular and even if they did, I wouldn’t dare be so presumptuous. I notice my stats really only get a bump when I post a gear review, something I admittedly haven’t done in a long while. A few updates and quick looks, but really nothing intensive since the Gitzo Mountaineer review. Promises were made and I have failed to keep them, like a review of my Gitzo GT1555T Traveler tripod and head, my Gitzo GT3543LS Systematic tripod and head, and especially my Shimoda Designs Explore 40 backpack.

To be honest, I write this to share but it’s primarily for myself as an exercise in writing and research. If what I have to say manages to help someone who reads it, that’s excellent, but it’s not very audience focused. Even my reviews are typically just longer, more in depth versions of the reviews I leave on Amazon.

And then there are the photo collages. This is the true purpose of the blog: the documentation of my progress in photography, complete with photographic evidence. I mostly only post the best of what I produce, while my personal albums get cluttered up with photos that are often below my current standard. This is to ensure I can easily view any progression in my skill and technique, but most of all, the establishment and evolution of a personal style in subject, composition and post processing.

Anyways, I apologize to my imaginary readership for my absence. I do have a good excuse, though.

I’ve been really busy lately, traveling up and down western Washington State, hiking and photographing both beaten and unbeaten paths. It began by trying to take advantage of a streak of good weather and morphed into chasing the autumn colors as the weather got colder. Hikes include: Alpine Lake Wilderness, Denny Creek, Mount Fremont Lookout, Annette Lake, Lake Twentytwo and Artist Point. All of these on consecutive weekends, and even some weekdays, over the past 3 weeks. And in that time I think I’ve posted just once. Maybe twice.

So, here are 3 photos from the past week. The first was taken on the hike to Lake Twentytwo, the second is an iPhone snapshot of my setup while shooting a panorama of Mt. Shuksan from Picture Lake. The third is a shot of the peaks surrounding Picture Lake during the sunset alpenglow, exactly 180 degrees from the direction in the second pic. The first has quickly become one of my most popular photos on Instagram; my preferred platform for instant photographic gratification. This is without the photo being reposted, linked to, or referenced by anyone else. Enjoy.

Despite the apology, there’s a good chance I’ll be continuing my media blackout for a few more weeks as I continue to chase the autumn colors and then the first snow in the passes. Once I get a break, I’ll have a chance to really go through what I’ve produced and process the best of them to be shown off at a later date.

And I’ll eventually get to a full review of the Shimoda Designs Explore 40 because it really is a fantastic backpack system. I’ve been getting a lot of miles out of it and it still manages to impress me.

Lastly, thank you for not stealing my photos. They’re not that great to begin with, but they are mine. Whatever I post to Unsplash is fair game but those posted elsewhere are protected; hence my choice to post only quarter sized, reduced quality versions. Full quality versions are available for sale as prints, if you’re so inclined; contact me for details.

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