DSLRs Won’t Die. Deal With It

Enough hyperbole. Mirrorless will not make DSLR cameras extinct the same way film remains extant despite digital.

The market for DSLRs will contract significantly, likely surrendering the entry-level, systems camera market to mirrorless, but enthusiast and high-end DSLRs will continue on because you will always have its supporters who will vote with their wallets.

Here’s my question: why has Kodak continued to work against digital imaging instead of embracing it? You’d think a film company would have adapted to making imaging sensors and corner the market. I know they did for a while but then they stagnated until their competition brought them to within an inch of their existence. Or how about Polaroid? They were THE instant film company. In the US, people still refer to Fujifilm’s Instax prints as “Polaroids” because the brand attachment is so strong. You’d think they’d have become a major player in making imaging sensors, following along their ethos of instant photography. Someone needs to develop a docuseries called, “Dumbest Business Moves in History.”

In another part of the multiverse, everyone is buying image sensors from Polaroid and Kodak, not Sony.

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