Adapting GFX: Sigma 50mm Art Addendum

One thing I quickly discovered is the intrusion of the lens hood when adapting 35mm lenses onto the medium format GFX. Since the 50mm Sigma casts an image circle closer to 40mm, it’s going to pick up more of what’s on the periphery of the field of view; in this case it’s the lens hood.

So, I’ve found a solution that will seemingly work for most Sigma lenses: I’ve ordered the hood for the 28mm ƒ/1.4 Art. Unfortunately, the 40mm Art uses an 82mm front element while the 35mm uses a 67mm. The 50mm has a 77mm front element. This should offer me all of the physical protection and some of the flare protection.

Why even use a lens hood? Because I’m known for whacking trees and shrubbery with my cameras when out in the field and the lens hood protects the front element without unnecessarily adding more glass to the equation. When absolutely necessary, I’ll add a UV filter to protect the lens, like when shooting around saltwater, but otherwise I’d rather just use a lens hood.

I’ve ordered the hood and it should arrive in a few days. Once it does, I’ll update this post with photos and samples.

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