The Pandemic Has Kept Me Quiet

While others have found the pandemic to be an opportunity to do more personal projects, and document them, I’ve found it has affected me a bit differently. My girlfriend is a neurotic RN, so I’ve had to respond a little differently and haven’t had the free time to work on things like my journal or this blog. Now that things are starting to return to normal, I’m slowly starting to integrate all of the things I was doing before. Yet, just as I begin to get back to work, our streets have erupted in rightful protest. Others can and have done a better job in covering the protests, so I’ll leave that subject alone until I have a fully formed commentary on the matter.

If there’s one thing I prefer to do, it’s to stop, listen and form a thoughtful opinion and avoid emotional “hot-takes,” especially silly on a subject as important as racism in America.

So, until then, I’ll be diving back in slowly with mini-reviews and looks at my recent, and not so recent, gear purchases. I’ll be posting a rapid-fire review of the smaller, less important items while saving full-length reviews for the more expensive and critical purchases I’ve made. As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve chosen to run a GFX setup in parallel to my X-T3 kit; the former for my primary passion, landscapes, with the X-T3 for nature, wildlife and documentary photography. That’s required me to make some serious purchases to support the additional gear, along with the camera gear itself.

Anyways, more in the next post. Thank you to all who’ve faithfully one back for more and value my opinions. A thank you is also directed to those who’ve found me via my profile links and promotional postings. As a natural born introvert, my opinions can be hard to find.

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