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Outspoken supporter of logic with a hot take and quick wit but an open mind. I love my iPhone, iPad Pro, MacBook Pro, iMac and other Apple devices but I’m not a fanboy. Spent many years on motorbikes and mountain bikes and have traveled the world with the U.S. Air Force. I used to enjoy drawing until my brain took that away from me which caused a turn to photography for a while, although I didn’t take it seriously. For several years, my creative outlet was a vacuum until recently when my doctor advised me to give photography another, more serious, attempt. I don’t aspire to become a professional photographer. My focus is far more selfish; it’s a creative outlet designed to exercise my brain, the parts of which are damaged from multiple TBI’s whose symptoms are beginning to show. Therefore, I shoot only for me in an attempt to improve constantly. The hope is it will help me retain specific brain functions while providing an outlet for my creativity, and also a sense of accomplishment. My intent is to visualize the way my fractured brain and shattered mind interprets the world.

I shoot with both the Fujifilm GFX-50S and a Fujifilm X-H1. When hiking, I carry my gear in Shimoda Designs backpacks. On the street I use a WANDRD PRVKE 31L and Chrome Industries slings, securely transport with Pelican Case Air 1555 and 1535, and rely on Peak Design Slide Lite straps and Capture Clip mounts. Gitzo tripods and monopods with Arca-Swiss ball heads and Novoflex hardware provide a stable platform. My primary tripod is the Gitzo Mountaineer Series 1 (GT1542) and Arca-Swiss P0 inverted ball head with Novoflex panning plate and QR clamp. When a smaller package is necessary, I use either a Gitzo Traveler Series 1 with Series 1 Traveler ball head (GH1382TQD) or a Gitzo Mini Traveler Tripod. For heavyweight duty, I rely on the Gitzo Systematic Series 3 (GT3543LS) and Series 3 ball head (GH3382QD) atop a Really Right Stuff leveling base. Last is my Gitzo Series 2 carbon fiber monopod (GM2542) and Gitzo Series 1 ball head (GH1382QD), with a Gitzo Mini Traveler Tripod as a freestanding base; it makes for an excellent, lightweight platform to use during high speed action so I can make fast directional changes while it bears the weight of a long telephoto lens. The mini tripod gives it the ability to self-center and even stand on its own in a pinch..

All of my gear is paid for by me; I have no sponsors and thus the comments I make regarding the tools I use are mine and mine alone.

Unless otherwise noted, all photos are protected under copyright © 2017-2020 oakie and/or JetCity Ninja℠, with or without the Pretentious Narcissistic Watermark™ (FFS:PNW oakie) watermark. All rights reserved. Downloaded images (cut, copied, saved or otherwise transferred) may not be reused, repurposed, reprinted, republished or altered without my expressed, written permission. Images and statements, to include snippets and quotes, require proper accreditation and must appear unaltered with unambiguous links back to the original post on my blog. Wholesale copying of images, posts, reviews or any print type, visible or hidden on this site, is not permitted… not that my shit is worth appropriating, natch.

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