Windows Surface Didn’t Suck, But The Ads Killed It.

Have you seen the tablets coming out for Windows RT? Apparently manufacturers, including Microsoft and their Surface RT, have seen especially sluggish sales since launch. Many are quick to blame any number of reasons, but the problems are painfully obvious yet not identified by the spate of bloggers and analysts currently commenting on the issue.... Continue Reading →

Some Thoughts On iPad…

as we recently passed the second anniversary of the iPad's introduction to the world, some questions have arisen. here are my opinions on some of them.   iPad is not a PC in the latest quarter, Canalys began computing their PC sales numbers with the iPad included. because of this, Apple became the number one... Continue Reading →

a paradigm shift in how we compute

Apple just had their keynote to kickoff WWDC yesterday and went into the details of OS X Lion, iOS 5, and iCloud. it was iCloud and the merging of features from iOS into Lion that were most intriguing, some of the most powerful signaling a shift into what was once called "dumb terminal" computing. back... Continue Reading →

one more thing…

with WWDC '11 coming up on Monday and Steve Jobs already committed to giving the keynote speech, the question is, "so what will he announce?" Apple has uncharacteristically already revealed iCloud during a statement earlier in the week detailing the conference's focus on iOS5, Mac OS X Lion, and the aforementioned cloud service that many... Continue Reading →

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