Windows Surface Didn’t Suck, But The Ads Killed It.

Have you seen the tablets coming out for Windows RT? Apparently manufacturers, including Microsoft and their Surface RT, have seen especially sluggish sales since launch. Many are quick to blame any number of reasons, but the problems are painfully obvious yet not identified by the spate of bloggers and analysts currently commenting on the issue.... Continue Reading →

Halo Effect: iPod Needs A New Halo

at one point, the iPod produced a "halo effect" for Apple; people bought iPods because they were the best digital music player available and that purchase introduced them to the idea of buying a Mac. why did this happen? the barrier to entry was extremely high as Apple's Macintosh computers were much more expensive than... Continue Reading →

Review: Vapor Dock from ElementCASE

ElementCASE is well known for their expensive, yet well crafted accessories for the iPhone and iPad. Their Vapor 4 case established the market of deliciously high-end cases milled from ingots of forged, aircraft grade 6061 aluminum here in the USA and accentuated with colorful anodizing and back plates of carbon fiber. now superseded by the... Continue Reading →

Update To My DRO Concepts Fiasco

as of today, I still haven't received a response or refund from DRO Concepts. they have long since stopped responding to my emails or phone calls, now hanging up immediately after giving them my name and email address. the tracking number still shows the delivery has not been accepted and hasn't been returned to me,... Continue Reading →

Pirate Whitney’s Music. Screw Sony.

In the wake of Whitney Houston's death, Sony Music has raised the prices of her albums in a move to capitalize on the sudden popularity of her music. Along with Michael Jackson's death a few years ago, these were two artists helped to shape a decade with their talent, and like the cockroaches who attempted... Continue Reading →

Apple Is Not Foxconn, Foxconn Is Not Apple

let's clear something up. it's very simple yet the mainstream media nor the bloggers seem to point this out and is resulting in the masses continuing to be misinformed, and worse, take inappropriate action: Foxconn is NOT owned, or in any way affiliated with Apple. they are an OEM manufacturer, hired by Apple (and many... Continue Reading →

Some Thoughts On iPad…

as we recently passed the second anniversary of the iPad's introduction to the world, some questions have arisen. here are my opinions on some of them.   iPad is not a PC in the latest quarter, Canalys began computing their PC sales numbers with the iPad included. because of this, Apple became the number one... Continue Reading →

Debunking: Slider Cases Do Not Harm iPhone

since the introduction of the iPhone 4, it seems the outspoken few in the blogging world have come out against slider cases, providing anecdotal proof in the way of photos of broken iPhones, claiming their InCase slider style cases had caused the damage. this is clearly and patently false. yes, the iPhone is constructed of... Continue Reading →

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